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50' long x 30' wide (15.2m x 9.2m) 
in 2 sections

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NOTE: If you need more length, check the EXT3020 page to add 1,2 or 3 extension in between the 2 sections of MAX5030 to make your shelter 30'x70', 30'x90' or even 30'x110' or click the link

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MAX5030 brochure
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Cut all the days lost to weather!

This shelter will save you countless lost hours and days when you or your crew cannot work due to rain, snow, or extreme heat. This is a great solution to increase your productivity.

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Part # WT5030: Once joined, a fabric band with Velcro is added over the top to insure waterproofing between the 2 sections.


20 minutes is all it takes for 3 to 4 people to set it up

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12’’ air gap provides good insulation 

** To avoid sagging, the 2 sections are secured together using an arch.  The arch is integrated inside the section in crate B and has its own separate blower. The blower is turned off when arch is inflated.

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Exterior dimensions once inflated: 30’ x 50’ x 8.2’ H      

Interior surface once both sections are installed:  47‘x 27’    

Weight: 170 Lbs per 30‘x25’


What’s inside crate A:

MAX5030:  1 x Professional construction swimming pool shelter and 8 blowers

SFTD5030:  1 x Single skin facade with transparent PVC door

SF5030: 1x Single skin façade with zipper - No door

RK1: 1 x PVC Repair kit  (around 5sf)  

RK2: 1 x Oxford 210-D repair kit (around 10sf)                                              


What’s inside crate B:      


MAX5030: 1 x Professional construction swimming pool

shelter with an integrated support arch and 8 blowers

SFTD5030: 1 x Single skin facade with transparent PVC door

WT5030 Oxford 210D: 1x waterprofing tarp

ABP: 1x  Separate blower pump to inflate the integrated arch      

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Shelter is delivered in a 48’x 39’x 30’ plastic crate to avoid any damage during shipping.                                      

It is also a great way to store the shelter when not in use.

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