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Through its affiliates in Europe and Morocco, Air-shelter is a manufacturer of ‘’patented’’ professional shelters designed to increase available workdays and for the comfort of workers. Our shelters were developed out of professional input  who wanted a solution to the complications posed by poor weather conditons such as muddy holes from rain or dried plaster from extreme heat.                                                                                                        


10 reasons to buy a professional shelters from Air-Shelter:


1- Specially designed for specific industries: It is therefore unique in the market place.

2- Quick install: 10-20 minute set-up on average.

3- Affordable: It is less expensive compared to other solutions in the market place.

4- Various sizes 

5- Easy install: Our shelters require 1, 2 or 3 people depending on the model on the size

6- All weather: Our shelters can be used regardless of the weather (even snow).

7- Optimal Lighting: The shelther’s translucent gray fabric allows natural light to go through which makes it possible to work without extra lighting. It does not create a shadow effect.

8- Tear proof: Our shelters stay inflated even with a tear up to 2 feet. This gives you time to tape the tear, finish your work until you can fix it properly with our repair kits included in the crate.              

9- Proper insulation: The 12” air gap between the walls provides an excellent thermal and sound insulation.

10- Return on Investment: The shelter allows you to decrease the amount of lost billable hours accumulated in a year due to rain, snow, or heat and alternatively, increases profit overtime.                                                                                        

Place you order as soon as possible to insure you will have your shelter in place before bad or hot weather returns!                                                                                                                                                                            

Check our videos!

Air Shelter  is managed by a group of International business developers and engineers. Our entire focus is designing and distributing professional shelters and spa tents. We are dedicated to working closely with our clients and to help them meet their specific needs.

We offers expert services including:

  • Tailored system design to meet customer requirements and budget

  • Detailed engineering specifications and drawings

  • System design, implementation and installation

  • Training solutions for system operators

  • Installation manuals

  • After-sales support and service


Our manufacturing partners are in Casablanca, Morocco and in France


Our sales networks spreads in Europe and the US. We have offices in France, Spain, Florida and Texas.


We aim to bring to market the best possible products and offering the best possible warranty for each market.


Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any of our product lines.

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