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Mobile Paint Booth, Spray on Bedliners, Mobile Prep Booth, Auto Detailing, Painless Dent Repair (PDR)

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Shelter is open on both sides but comes standard with 2 Velcro single walls and 2 zipped transparent doors (see picture below)

Double your productivity overnight! 

Whether it is installed outside of your work place or in your mobile van, you can double your production by working whether it is raining, snowing or too hot.

                          is great for 


- Mobile body shop

- Custom Shop

- Mobile Technicians Rental Car Lots      - Mobile Vehicle Wraps

- Mobile Hail Damage Repair

- Mobile Vehicle Detail Mobile Painters    - Window Tinting

- Anyone Doing Working outside

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16.4' wide and 23' Long / 8'2'' high (inside dimensions)

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12’’ air gap provides good insulation 

5 minutes set up

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Fits in a bag and in the back of an SUV

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Perfect luminosity

Once the vehicle is inside, the shelter can be closed in by using a Velcro single layer wall and a zipped transparent door


6 residue extraction blowers

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 Inside dimensions: 23’ L x 16'4‘' W x 8’2'' H      

- Waterproof 

Mildew & Mold Resistant

- Ballast rings and sealing flap

Dimensions & weight folded in its transport bag

150 Lbs / 47” x 32” x 24”                     


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Each                      Air-Shelter Kit Includes:

- High-quality shelter 

- 6  blowers for quick inflation

- Fire Certification Labeling

- 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty

- Carrying Bag, D-rings


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Customer assistance may happen where power from the grid is not be available,                        can be inflated 2 ways:

1- Inverter generator with a power rated at 1700W (2200W surge). A small portable gas generator is easy to use and can inflate your shelter in less than 3 minutes

2- Power inverter 12V/110V directly connected to your vehicle battery. A 2300W / 19 Amps inverter is ideal if you don't want to deal with a gas can in your van

Contact us to receive specifications on some models we like.

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