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10' Long x14' wide 


Cut days lost to weather off ! This shelter will save you countless lost hours and days when you or your crew cannot work due to rain, snow, or extreme heat. This is a great solution to increase your productivity and the increase in workdays results in a faster return on investment.  Create a VERSA to match your specifications. You can tie together as many «modules» as you need and create a room as small as 140sf to 420sf with 3 modules or more.


Modules are secured together using a Velcro type product. When attached together, module’s end can be enclosed using one of the 2 options below.

Whether you are mobile mechanic for cars or motorbike, a detailer, a fence builder or any person needing a fast set-up shelter, this VERSA will help you achieve that.  

Versa detoured with velcro door with dimensioons.png

VERSA is perfect for: 

- Auto glass tinting

- Windshield replacement

- Power window repair

- Chip damage repair

- Rear window replacement

- Safety system recalibration

- Side windows replacement

- Door glass replacement

- Headlights restoration or replacement

- Mirror replacement

- Sunroof replacement or upgrade

-  Vehicle partial painting and touch up

-    Prep Station

-    Custom Shop

-    Mobile Technicians

-    Rental Car Lots

-    Vehicle Wraps

-    Hail Damage Repair

-    Mobile Vehicle Detail

-    Window Tinting

Anyone Doing Working outside

Connect as many "modules" as you need

Velcro position.png

Waterproof connection between modules

Assembly of versa.png

2 VERSA1014 connected together with a blower for each 

2 versa 1410 no doors.png

680W blower (model can vary)


Click on the link to VERSA1014 for
First Responders

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SSFZ1410: Single face wall door with Velcro center opening.  Wall attaches to shelter using a Velcro type product.

Versa with velcro facade.jpg

SSFTD1410: Single face wall door with zipped transparent door.  Wall attaches to shelter using a Velcro type product.

Versam with zipped door.jpg

2 door options to closed each end of your shelter or create a separation betweem them

5 mnin Icon.png

5 minute set up

Snow jacket.tif

12’’ air gap provides good insulation 


Fits in a bag and in the back of an SUV

Shelter in a bag in a trunk.jpg

Specifications : VERSA 1014

When you order 1 x VERSA1014, a 680W blower is included, as seen above

VERSA1014 is 10’ L x 14‘ W x 8'.5 H inside dimensions


SSFZ1014 :Door with center Velcro

SSTFD1014: Door with transparent zipped door

WT1014: waterproof tarpaulin connector


Weight: 60 Lbs + separate blower 15 Lbs

Size folded:32” x 24” x 24”

Options:Logo on each side of the shelter (3' x 2')

VERSA deploys in minutes, is constructed from durable materials.


The shelter can be fitted with 2 removable front and back single layer fabric wall. See Options 1 and 2.

This shelter fits in a bag no bigger than a large sport bag. 

This shelter was designed to be modular. 2, 3, 4 or more shelters can be assembled together.  

This shelter can be set-up where power from the grid is not be available. It can be inflated 2 ways:

1- Inverter generator with a power rated at 1000W (2000W surge). A small portable gas generator is easy to use and can inflate your shelter in less than 3 minutes

2- Power inverter 12V/110V directly connected to your vehicle battery. A 1000W / 12Amps inverter is ideal if you don't want to deal with a gas can in your van. 

Contact us to receive specifications on some models we recommend.

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