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2 sizes : 10' Long x10' wide or 10' long x 15' wide


Cut days lost to weather off ! This shelter will save you countless lost hours and days when you or your crew cannot work due to rain, snow, or extreme heat. This is a great solution to increase your productivity and the increase in workdays results in a faster return on investment.  Create a VERSA to match your specifications. You can tie together as many «modules» as you need and create a room as small as 100sf to 450sf with 3 modules.  Modules are secured together using a Velcro type product. Even when attached together, each module’s end can be enclosed using one of the 2 options below.

Whether you are mobile mechanic for cars or motorbike, a detailer, a fence builder or any person needing a fast set-up shelter, this VERSA will help you achieve that.  

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3 minute set up

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12’’ air gap provides good insulation 

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Fits in a bag and in the back of an SUV

Connect as many "modules" as you need

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2 sizes:
Module length: 10ft
Module width: 10ft or 15ft (inside dimensions)  Module Height: 8.5ft at center (inside dimensions)

2 door options

VD1010 or VD 1015: Single face wall door with Velcro center opening.  Wall attaches to shelter using a Velcro type product.

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ZD1010 or ZD1015: Single face wall door with zipped transparent door.  Wall attaches to shelter using a Velcro type product.

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VERSA deploys in minutes, is constructed from durable materials.


The shelter can be fitted with 2 removable front and back single layer fabric wall. See Options 1 an 2.

This shelter fits in a bag no bigger than a large sport bag. 

This shelter was designed to be modular. 2, 3, 4 or more shelters can be assembled together.  You can easily create a 15' wide x 30' long when needed  using 3 VERSA 10' x 15' shelters. 

This shelter can be inflated using a power inverter directly hooked up to car or truck battery


Specifications : VERSA 1010 


-  VERSA 1010 is 10’ L x 10‘ W x 8'.5 H inside dimensions


-  VD1010 :Door with center Velcro

-  ZD1010: Door with transparent zipped door

-  WT1010: waterproof tarpaulin connector  


    weight  : 33 Lbs.  Size folded in its bag:  32” x 24” x 24”

    Options:  Logo on each side of the shelter (3' x 2')


Each Air-Shelter Kit Includes:

- High-quality shelter 

- 2 x 200w Blowers for the VERSA 1010

    3 x 200w blowers for the VERSA 1015

- Fire Certification Labeling

- 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty

- Carrying Bag, D-rings

This shelter can be set-up where power from the grid is not be available. It can be inflated 2 ways:

1- Inverter generator with a power rated at 1000W (1500W surge). A small portable gas generator is easy to use and can inflate your shelter in less than 3 minutes

2- Power inverter 12V/110V directly connected to your vehicle battery. A 1000W / 12Amps inverter is ideal if you don't want to deal with a gas can in your van. 

Contact us to receive specifications on some models we recommend.

Specifications : VERSA 1015 


-  VERSA 1013 is 10’ L x 15‘ W x 8'.5 H inside dimensions 


-  VD1015 :Door with center Velcro

-  ZD1015: Door with transparent zipped door

-  WT1015: waterproof tarpaulin connector  


    weight  : 45 Lbs.  Size folded in its bag:  38” x 26” x 26”

    Options:  Logo on each side of the shelter (3' x 2')

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