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Lodging Bubbles

Whether you purchase MOONLIGHT BUBBLES for your own enjoyment, to start a Bed & Breakfast type business, or add to your existing offering, the experience your guests receive is completely unique. Glamorous camping or “Glamping” is here to stay. The concept of sleeping in Bubble tents is not new and is already very popular in Europe.

​  -  Original temporary accommodation. Nature like experience.

  -  Respectful of the environment. When not in use, bubbles are stored leaving the space undamaged.

   -  Various sizes are offered: 10’ (only available as a bathroom) as well as 13’, and 15’.

   -  Each bubble connects to each other through a connector bubble. You meet the demand of your customers by modulating the            ..........installation as you can link up to 3 bubbles together plus the connector bubble.                                                                                                   -  Up to 430 sf of livable space when you combine 3 bubbles.

   -  Bubbles are priced to offer a quick R.O.I.


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Spa Bubbles

Weather conditions limit the use of your spa during the year and the installation of a “hard” shelter requires a building permit and the cost is generally high.

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- Moonlight Spa Shelters can be installed on any type of surface: lawn, deck, concrete

- Economical

- Plug and play set up

- Easy storage. Once deflated, your shelter can be easily stored in its bag

- Totally silent. Once inflated, no motor or blower is necessary which maintain a peaceful experience

-Fits over the Spa. No need to move the spa

- A 12’ air gap between the 2 layers of fabric protects against cold and hot temperatures

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