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Increase your Professional image!

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Protect yourself and your tools from the heat, rain, or snow while increasing the number of available work days.  

Whether you are a mobile windshield replacement company or a professional requiring outside intervention on vehicles, boats, motorcycles, ride-on mowers, you need  GLASS UP from Air Shelter to decrease the number of days you can't work because it is too hot, too cold, raining, or even snowing

This shelter was specifically designed for a windshield repair companies. The shelter is wider than deep because all you need is too have the front (or the rear) of the car covered. The width allows an easy replacement: there is enough room next to the vehicle to set all your tools and the new windshield while staying covered.

NOTE: It takes 2 people to handle this shelter.  If you are looking for a 1 person operation please check the VERSA shelter.

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GLASS UP  used by CARGLASS windshield installers in France

Multi purpose shelter detoured no color.

GLASS UP  is made to be installed on asphalt, concrete, sand, or grass. No need for poles or ground stakes.

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12’’ air gap provides good insulation 

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5 minutes set up

GLASS UP has 4 blowers to insure quick inflation. It guarantees that your shelter will inflate even if one blower is out of order

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Wide enough to work comfortably

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Inside dimensions of the shelter

Specifications :  GLASS UP

Part #: CG1417.82: 14’ L x 17‘ W x 8.2’ H inside dimensions.

- Waterproof

- Mildew & Mold Resistant

weight: 99 Lbs. / 32” x 24" x 20"

Options:  Logo on each side of the shelter (3' x 2')



Easy set up

Each GLASS UP Air-Shelter Kit Includes:

- High-quality shelter

-  Repair kit 

- 4 x 200W individual blowers 

- Fire Certification Labeling from fabric manufacturer

- year Manufacturers Defect Warranty

- Carrying Bag, D-rings 


Easy dismantle

Customer assistance may happen where power from the grid is not be available, GLASS UP can be inflated 2 ways:

1- Inverter generator with a power rated at 1700W (2200W surge). A small portable gas generator is easy to use and can inflate your shelter in less than 3 minutes

2- Power inverter 12V/110V directly connected to your vehicle battery. A 2300W / 19 Amps inverter is ideal if you don't want to deal with a gas can in your van

Contact us to receive specifications on some models we like.

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