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AIR SHELTER is the premier solution for pool builders and contractors looking for a reliable way to overcome weather-related complications.

With integrated 200W blowers and a 12" air gap providing superb insulation, it offers optimal lighting with its gray fabric and ensures constant air pressure even if the shelter is damaged. 

Not only is AIR SHELTER the most reliable choice for all weather  conditions, but it also guarantees a return on investment by reducing lost billable hours, increasing profit and completing projects on time.

Keep your employees warm and dry by offering them more protection against the elements.

Cut all the days lost to weather!

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This shelter will save you countless lost hours and days when you or your crew cannot work due to rain, snow, or extreme heat. This is a great solution to increase your productivity.

2 widths available

23' wide - 7.5' high

Facade 23' wide.png

30' wide - 8.5' high

Facade 30' wide.png

Section of 15' long

Side 23'.png

Section of 17' long

Side 30'.png

4 Pool UP shelters available:

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Included wity each order:

- A waterproof connection tarp

- 2 transparent zipped doors

-10sf of extra fabric to repair tear

- 5sf of extra vinyl fabric for repairs

- Identification tag number


20 minutes is all it takes for 2 to 3 people to set it up

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12’’ air gap provides good insulation 

Shelters are delivered in a 48’x 39’x 30’ plastic crate to avoid any damage during shipping.                                      

It is also a great way to store the shelter when not in use.

Air Shelter crate 1.jpg

Included waterproof tarp connection between modules

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