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Shelters made for professionals

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First Responders
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Versa for mobile employees

Purchase an Air-Shelter , increase your productivity, and your professional image

Through its affiliates in Europe, Air-shelter is a manufacturer of ‘’patented’’ professional shelters designed to increase the number of workdays and the comfort of workers. Our product line has been manufactured for the past 10 years and is now available in the US. All our shelters are developed with professional input. Their collaboration has allowed us to incorporate solutions to manufacture the best products possible.                                                                                                                                          

In addition to offering  pool shelters to pool builders and remodelers, we also offer professional shelters for various industries including car repair and maintenance, glass repair, mobile vehicle body repair and paint, auto detailing, boat repair, emergency site shelters, road construction, sporting event registrations, or anytime you need a temporary cover to guarantee that the weather will not disrupt your plans.


Top reasons to buy a professional shelter from Air-Shelter:


1- Quick install: On average it only takes 10-15 minutes to set-up our bigger shelters like the POOL UP MAX5030. The smaller ones can be set-up in less than 3 minutes

2- Easily storable and transportable


3- Light:  Our smaller shelter weighs less than 33 Lbs.

4- Easy install: Shelters designed for house call car repairs or glass replacements can be set up by 1 person. Up to 4 people may be necessary for our bigger pool shelters.

5- All weather: Our shelters can be installed regardless of the weather which means more workdays and less downtime.

6- Optimal and regular brightness:  The type and color of material used for our shelters allows natural light to go through which makes it possible to work without extra lighting.

7- Tear proof: Our shelters stay inflated even with a tear up to 2 feet. This gives you time to finish your work, tape the tear, and get back to your shop to fix it properly with our repair kits.

8- Good insulation: The 12” air gap between the 2 layers of the shelters provides insulation by balancing the outside and the inside temperature.

9- Time management: The shelter has a high return on investment. When calculating the lost billable hours accumulated in a year due to rain, snow, or heat.

Glass repair,  mobile vehicle detail,
 window tinting, motorcycle repair 
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                          Pool builders and remodelers
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Body shop, mobile body shop, rental car lots, vehicle wraps, hail damage, mobile vehicle Detail, window tinting

Air-shelter is here to answer the questions and needs of professionals.

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